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As a leading senior care company our goal is to ensure a better quality of life for our senior clients and their families, by providing dependable and affordable care.

Most seniors would like to remain in their homes as long as possible with all of the memories of the past. Our focus is to keep you or your loved ones at home, where the heart is, and avoid:

  • loss of friends and possessions
  • loss of independence and freedom
  • loss of spirit which is drained by the battles of daily living
  • depression

Our caring service allows our seniors to maintain as much independence as possible, by providing the appropriate in-home assistance and companionship. In that way we lift spirits not only of seniors, but of the family caregivers as well.

Why Home With You Senior Care…

Quarterly Award Winner, Home With You Senior Care > Helping Seniors Remain Independent in their HomesOur management staff is involved with your care needs throughout the duration of the service. We monitor the care of our employees to ensure they are providing the best care possible.

  • Introductions – Personal introductions of the caregiver to the client help to ensure everyone understands the care plan in place.
  • Round the Clock – We are available 24/7 for emergency situations
  • Support – From the start, Home With You establishes a family support system with you and your family, and become an extension.
  • Resources – Provision of resources in any area that will assist and improve your loved one.
  • High Standards – We have high standards and will hire only the highest quality of caregivers. Only those we would feel comfortable caring for our loved ones.
  • Continuing Education – Inhouse continuing education, support and recognition to our caregivers.
  • Surveys – Quality assurance surveys are sent to client and family members to enable us to provide continual quality care
  • Activities – We pride ourselves on keeping our clients active and stimulated by introducing activities that are best suited for them.
  • Experience – We hire caregivers, experienced in cognitive care, understanding Dementia and Alzheimers redirecting and cueing
  • Dignity – We care for your family the way you would. We treat everyone with the dignity they deserve.
  • Not a Franchise – We are a local Maryland business helping local residents and we are not a franchise.
  • Locally Owned & Operated – Angela Propst, Certified Senior Advisor, is the local owner and operator of Home With You Senior Care.
  • Compassion – We care as much as you do and provide compassionate and caring support and strive to improve your loved ones quality of life.
  • Peace of mind for the family   

Reconnect with Loved Ones

Home With You Senior Care Reconnect-with-Loved-Ones Constant family caregiving can bring about considerable stress. We provide a respite for the primary family caregiver, for example: a wife caring for her husband or a son caring for his parent; offering relief with daily routines and strengthening relationships.

Maintaining Dignity & Independence

Home With You Senior Care Reconnect-with-Loved-OnesAt Home With You our number one goal is to ensure that you have as much influence with decision making as possible. Our caregivers are trained to understand the needs of our clients while maintaining a safe environment.

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures

Home With You Senior Care Reconnect-with-Loved-Ones Home With You provides help with daily activities, enabling you to save your energy for important things in life such as: Quality time with family or friends

  • Taking short walks
  • Reading a good book

Consultation Services

Home With You Senior Care Reconnect-with-Loved-OnesOur staff members have extensive backgrounds providing services and care for the elderly.   We provide services on a consultation basis for special circumstances.  


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Servicing Baltimore and Howard Counties

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Why Home With You?

Angela Propst, our Founder, started Home With You Senior Care with one thought:
"How would I want my parents and grandparents to be treated?
How do I want to be treated?"
And she has always operated our company with the philosophy
to care for others as she would want
to be cared for.
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