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Home With You provides in-home senior care services

We create a personal care plan to fulfill your every need and we are available to assist as little as, 8 hours a week, to 24 hour a day, servicing Baltimore and Howard Counties. Our goal is to help provide a safe and caring environment for you or your loved ones.

Home With You will do their best to send the same caregivers to your home depending on the number of care hours needed. Our goal is to create consistency and develop a schedule so as not to create added anxiety. We will personally match our clients and caregivers based on client needs, caregiver’s strengths, personalities, etc. You have the option of meeting a caregiver in advance, prior to their first day of care. If at any time you are not satisfied with your current caregiver we will happily schedule a timely introduction of a new caregiver.

Home With You not only keeps in contact with the family or client via phone, we also have an exclusive “Care Plan Book” which is kept in the client’s home. This book serves as a communication tool for families and the caregiver. We also provide a documentation log in the care plan book which allows the caregiver to write daily notes for family members. The book serves as a reference for caregivers. A copy of the care plan is kept on file, at our office, and contains information such as, who to notify in case of emergency, important documents and care requirements.

How do I arrange for Service?

You may contact the Home With You office directly or fill out our online request form. Our friendly staff can handle your request and make suggestions if necessary. (410) 654-3300 or www.homewithyou.net.

What services are offered by “Home With You”?

Home With You offers many different levels of services. We conduct an initial in home assessment to help to determine these needs. This includes companion services such as grocery shopping, light housekeeping, running errands, and medication reminders. Up to full personal care needs with bathing, hygiene, toileting and transferring assistance.

I’m not sure what I need- can you help?

Yes, once we discuss the basic needs, over the telephone, we schedule an in-home assessment to determine the level of care and the frequency. The client and/or family members make the final decision on how many hours are needed and what services he/she would like in place.

What are the benefits of hiring from “Home With You”?

You will have the comfort in knowing our caregivers have been fully screened. We conduct extensive background checks. Home with You hires our caregivers, and they go through training prior to being placed in your home. You will also feel comfortable in knowing we take full responsibility for them as far as payroll, insurance, bonding, worker’s comp, etc. If a caregiver is unavailable for work on a particular day, we will send a replacement caregiver. With this arrangement, you will be freed from administrative and other responsibilities involved in hiring a worker directly.

Who supervises the staff?

The staff at Home With You is supervised by our Staffing Coordinators, as well as our Registered Nurse. Frequent visits are made to the home while the Caregiver is there, to ensure that everything is going smoothly and this information is reported back to the family.

What hours can I schedule care?

You can choose any hours you would like for your scheduled visits. Our goal is to ensure we are there for you and your needs. We can assist anywhere from 4 hours a day (twice a week) up 24/7 care.

How do I pay for Services?

They services are typically covered by private pay and long term care insurance coverage if you have a policy. Medical insurance companies (including Medicare) do not cover this type of service since they are non-medical in nature. We do accept payment by check or Master Card and Visa.

What is the cost for Service?

The cost of care is based on the specific needs of our client. Once an initial assessment has been made we will inform you of the cost for the care. If care is strictly companion services, it will be less than if personal care is required. The number of hours of service provided may also affect the cost of care.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept long-term care insurance. Most LTC policies will cover home care. We are experienced with the process and will assist you and your family with the initial process and continued invoice submissions during the care period.

Whom do I call if I want to request a change to my caregiver schedule?

Just call our office, within 48 hours of the assigned time, and there will be no charge. If less then 48 hours you will be responsible for paying the day scheduled.

How long is the contract?

Until you request to be terminated. Two (2) weeks notice is required. This is waived in the event of hospitalization.

How long will it take someone to return my call after business hours?

Within a couple of hours in most cases or the next morning. If the call is made over the weekend, or a holiday, it may be the following day depending upon the urgency.

Do the caregivers provide transportation if needed?

Yes. There is a 55-cent, per mile, charge if the aide uses his/her own vehicle while at work. All of our caregiver must have their own vehicle as well as carry insurance. We check driving records prior to hiring. The client may also choose for the caregiver to drive their vehicle, in which case there will be no mileage charge.

How Long will I wait for service after placing my request?

We can staff within a day or two, depending on the number of hours requested. If 12 hour shifts are required it may take up to a week to cover all shifts.

Will someone from the agency call to see if I am satisfied with the services provided to me?

Yes, we often call to check on you to make sure you are satisfied with the Caregiver and also make in-home visits.

Will I be responsible for providing meals for the caregiver?

All caregivers will bring their own meals unless the caregiver is a live-in caregiver.

Will my services be kept confidential?

Yes, your privacy and confidentiality is the law. We will not share your information with anyone.

How do I arrange for Service?

You may contact the Home With You office directly or fill out our online request form. Our friendly staff can handle your request and make suggestions if necessary. (410) 654-3300 or www.homewithyou.net.

We hope this has been helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions concerning our services. If we are unable to assist you, we will do our best to refer you to a resource that can suit your needs.


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